Touch-Me-Not Plant’s Strange Behavior

The Mimosa Pudica has a physical reaction to touch, which makes it especially interesting to children. The rapid wilting reaction has inspired other nicknames such as shy plant, sensitive plant, or sleepy plant. Within minutes the plant will return to its former condition.

Watch the video to see the Touch-me-not plant's reactions to being touched, bumped, hit, as well as time lapse videography of the plant standing back up.

This annual plant grows quickly from seed. It has fern-like leaves and pink flowers. It is an invasive plant, so it is best grown in a container. If you would like to grow one of your own, seeds are available at

You can see six more of the world's strangest flowers, in the Sierra Club blog post: Rafflesia arnoldii, Eastern Skunk Cabbage, Hydnora africana, Amorphophallus titanum, Tacca chantrieri and Dracunculus vulgaris.
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