Nisaku Hori Hori Handle Changes – Is Your Digging Knife Authentic?

Nisaku Hori Hori Handle - 3 Variations

The Nisaku No. 650 Hori Hori handle has gone through a couple of changes over the last year.

The original version was made from Tamo wood and had a strong grain pattern (top image).

In January 2015, the handle of these digging knives was changed to a finer grain wood (middle image).

In October 2015, Nisaku added their brand stamp to the handle (bottom image).

During 2015, hori hori knives became much more popular and factories in China and other countries started producing cheap copies. To make it easier for shoppers to distinguish the higher quality, authentic Japanese-made hori horis, Nisaku added their brand on the handle.

While the earlier models remain in inventory at and other stores, you may receive any one of these versions, when you purchase a Nisaku Hori Hori.
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