Oleander (Nerium oleander): Look but Don’t Eat

Oleander is one of the most poisonous commonly grown garden plants. It is toxic for mammals, so don’t eat any parts of the plant and don’t let your pets or farm animals eat it.

Oleander was selected as the official flower of Hiroshima, Japan because it was the first to bloom after the atomic bombing in 1945.

This evergreen shrub will tolerate drought, poor soil and light frost. It is native to Mediterranean climates around the world. Oleander can grow to a height of 12 feet and is used extensively in freeway medians in California and Texas. The fragrant flowers bloom from summer through fall and are suitable for lei making. Colors seen most frequently for wild plants are white and shades from pink to red.

If you are looking for a large, low maintenance shrub for your water-wise landscape, consider planting oleander.