Tomato Grow Bag – From Oprah’s Favorite Things 2016

Oprah's 2016 list of her favorite things includes organic grow kits from Urban Agriculture Company.

The Tomato Grow Kit is shown, but you can also get grow kits for rosemary, cilantro, mint, cucumber and lettuce.

Each kit provides a container made from recycled tea bags, organic seeds and soil. Instructions are included for planting containers.

If you know a city dweller yearning to grow their own, give them an Organic Grow Kit (available at

One of Oprah’s Favorites Uses Succulents As Garnish

Here is a way to use your succulents that may not have occurred to you.

This "cake" of cheese is garnished with assorted succulents. It makes the list as one of Oprah's Favorites for 2016 and you can order yours from Check it out!

Of course, you can always create your own culinary delight and garnish it with your favorite succulents.

It is a gift that keeps on giving after the "cake" is gone, as the succulents can be propagated and planted.